Where web administration of minecraft servers gets awesome!

This product is deprecated

Other than the documentation, we won't provide support for it anymore.

This decision was made to make room for our next product, SpaceCP, coming out soon.

Are you a bukkit server admin?

SpaceBukkit is an advanced and completely free open-source administration panel for bukkit servers. It will make all those repetitive tasks like player and plugin management, backups and server tasks fun and easy, so you can start playing minecraft again :D. What are you waiting for? SpaceBukkit is the most advanced panel for bukkit servers, after all!

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Multiple Servers

Manage all your bukkit servers in one place, switch easily between them, and assign different people to different servers.

Throughout Access Control

You can create "Roles" for your users and set exactly what this user can or cannot do. We even made it possible to have different roles on different servers, so you can have an admin on one server that is just a viewer on another server!

Terminal? Nah!

With SpaceBukkit you can start, stop and reload your server with the click of an icon. We also integrated a console with powerful fitering techniques to make administrating easier then ever before!

Easy user management

With SpaceBukkit you can op, heal, feed, ban, whitelist, kill and edit players on your server with amazing ease. Grant yourself the power over your players that you deserve!

Plugin management made fun again

All your plugins are listed in one place, easy to edit, customize, disable, delete and install. Edit the config files from inside the panel and grab a nice cup of coffee. You've got the time to do so now!

Bukget integration

Thanks to the amazing Bukget API we developed an App-store like UI to easily browse through bukkit plugins and install them with the click of a button. Neat!

Powerful multiworld management

All your worlds at your fingertips. Change everything with one click. Rule over the lands with your allmight and wisedom. And your mouse.

Craftbukkit management

Updating and configuring your CraftBukkit server is super easy with SpaceBukkit - View the latest RBs, one-click install them and edit the server.properties and bukkit.yml on the fly!

Backup everything, everywhere, anytime!

Don't lose anything of your precious worlds due to griefers or your plugins due to experiments or malconfiguration! Backup everything easily: with schedules, if you want!